The Heirloom Tomato from Garden to Table by Amy Goldman {Fragrant Reading} {Fragrant Recipes & Taste Notes}


If you love vintage vegetables and fruits, like we do, as well as nurture a special appreciation for tomatoes, then, you might be interested in this book by author Amy Goldman on the history of tomatoes entitled The Heirloom Tomato from Garden to Table: Recipes, Portraits, and History of the World's Most Beautiful Fruit...

Heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables have been resuscitated by the curiosity and efforts of some chefs and local growers.

It is absolutely fascinating to bite into an apple that has been around since the Middle Ages, has become rare, does not grow easily and yet taste delicious! Or to taste a purple-colored, gnarled potato that had not been seen on most tables since the 19th century but is mentioned in literary texts!

The tomato leaf note is used in perfumery, most famously perhaps in Eau de Campagne by Sisley created by Jean-Claude Ellena. There are other works that center more on it by Christopher Brosius (Memory of Kindness), Demeter (Red Tomato; Green Tomato) - the brand Brosius originally founded and then sold - and others, like Illuminum Tomato Leaf.

Ys.Uzac uses a "spicy tomato twigs" accord associated with geranium in the top notes of their Metaboles. 

In functional perfumery, it has become relatively more common to smell it although it remains a sligthly quirky or at least recherché note.

Do you have a favorite kind of tomato, tomato recipe or tomato perfume?

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