Chef Pâtissier Christophe Felder Launches Explosion Gourmande (2013) {New Perfume}


French pastry chef Christophe Felder has imagined a gourmand recipe, as usual, except that this time the quirk is it's in liquid form and bottled, and does not give a fig about calorie count. Explosion Gourmande is the latest gourmand perfume to appear, the interesting result of a collaboration between aromaticians and perfumers at fragrance company Firmenich. The first ones specializes in making your food taste delicious, if they can, and the second ones focus on making you feel elegant and sophisticated and intriguing, if they can... 

The tag line for the new eau de toilette is "Le 1er parfum de pâtissier" or "The first perfume of a pastry chef", which is not actually absolutely true since Payard in New York city did a collection of three fine perfumes created by nose Calice Becker in 2009. 

Felder started out with the idea of a pastry harmony which would taste and smell of caramel, rose petals, coriander leaves and lychee.

Firmenich reportedly used two aromas from their collection SmellTheTaste®, a library of scents which offers the particularity of being used for the food industry while being adaptable to the perfume industry. The two ingredients showcased in the formula are White Caramel and Brown Sugar.

Relying on the two branches of scent science and art has helped in this case enhance the gustatory side of the fragrance whose sugary perfume is said to be "irresistible". 

A TV commercial was shot in which a young woman ends up wanting to steal the perfume rather than the pastries,

Available in 30 ml for 14,90€ at the Club des Créateurs de Beauté

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