Annick Goutal Launch Les Colognes Eau d'Hadrien, Vétiver, Néroli (2013) {New Perfumes}


Annick Goutal are proposing three new modern reinterpretations of the classical 18th century eau de cologne genre with a new collection simply entitled Les Colognes. The trio features novel takes on Eau d'Hadrien, Vétiver and Néroli each composition being tied to a locale: Italy and its gardens, the island of Ré and its seaside mist, Greece and its orange blossom trees... 

Perfumer Isabelle Doyen, and artistic director Camille Goutal especially, are reportedly continuing to pay homage in this manner to the founder of the brand, Annick Goutal, the mother of Camille.

Her daughter has already been exploring her memories of the past with the particularly nostalgic Mon Parfum Chéri par Camille in 2011.


Eau d'Hadrien Les Colognes, which is said to be "luminous and enveloping" is about the love that Annick Goutal felt for Italy and a revisit of the classic of reference by the house.

The Cologne version is actually characterized as being spicier and more powdery than the original after the initial very fresh opening on a note of petit grain. Basil and rosemary warmed up by musks inflect the composition in a different direction. 

Vétiver Les Colognes is "invigorating and woodsy". It is said to be "a perfect creation on the theme of vetiver" whose "freshest and most noble facets" are explored. The "note majeure" is vetiver from Java whose woody and spicy accents combine with those of Haitian vetiver whose nuances are somewhat different, described as being "soft, voluptuous, coppery..."

The original Vétiver becomes both fresher and spicier in its Cologne incarnation, while being softened by Florentine iris. 

Néroli Les Colognes is "fresh and if nothing else, delicate". Neroli essence combines with orange blossom absolute and lemon petit grain. The Cologne rendering of Néroli makes it become fresh, then also more suave and also soft thanks to the powdery accents of heliotrope and musk.  

Perfumistas will rejoice to learn that all three new perfumes can be experienced at leisure - but for a limited time only - in a Discovery coffret including 3 X 50 ml flacons of Les Colognes (135€). More permanently, they will be available each in large 200 ml bottles (135€ each). 

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