You're So French, Men! New Book on Sartorial Advice {Fashion Notes}


Hot on the heels of You're So French! published last year, authors Frédérique Veysset and Isabelle Thomas are adding a second volume to their study of real-life style. This time they focus on the opposite sex in You're So French, Men!: Secrets of Masculine Elegance...

Continuing to take a grassroots or anthropological approach, they have reportedly approached men from all walks of life, students, artistic directors, stylists, lawyers to help them define what is meant by elegance for them, for the French mindset, which apparently translates as being mostly Parisian as reported by readers of the first book. 

The tome is said to contain the personal advices of a number of intreviewees with some passages dedicated to conundrums such as how to choose a jean, how to spot a well-cut suit etc. There are points of French etiquette made. Fashion in this case includes life accessories such as a cigar.

Indeed objects such as walking sticks, umbrellas, hats of course, and today even smartphones are accessories to a person's look. (Did you notice how the creativity of nail polishes seems to be encouraged by those fingers flashing their designs while typing away on a cell phone?)

Ageism was counteracted and inter-generational style was apprehended thanks to an age range going from 23 to 73 years old. 



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