Givenchy Very Irresistible Edition Croisière (2013) {New Perfume}


Givenchy have introduced a new limited-edition spin-off of Very Irresistible called Very Irresistible Croisière for summer of 2013. The launch is associated with an eponymous and escapist makeup launch inviting you to imagine you're cruising around the Mediterranean sea...

The crisp rose-peony signature of the original is freshened up by Italian bergamot and becomes enriched for a time with a sensual and creamy white floral accord imported from beyond the Mediterranean region. The solar and exotic accents of frangipani, magnolia and gardenia all meet to evoke a bouquet from a distant locale like Tahiti. 

The flanker is said to have been aimed at evoking a mood which is "fresh, solar and intoxicating".

Notes: bergamot, sea salt, rose, peony, magnolia, gardenia, frangipani, driftwood, musk. 

Advertising continues to be fronted by actress Liv Tyler who appears heavily photoshopped on the advert as if a plastic look were optimal. 

Available as an eau de toilette (75 ml).

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