Russian Winemaker Abrau-Dyurso to launch Trio of Niche Perfumes {Fragrance News}


Russian champagne and wine label Abrau-Dyurso, which was established during the Tsarist period in 1870 as a winery meant to supply the Tsar's household, have announced that they will launch three unisex perfumes for the niche market. Running at 1000-2000 copies initially, the house will consider expanding if connoisseurs follow their lead...

Indeed one of the noteworthy points in this announcement is the fact that the promoters of the project are fully aware of the savvyness of this segment of the consumer market insisting that it will be well nigh impossible to fool them about quality as those select consumers are very well informed. Who they seem to be targeting are the very high end of that market as they announce a tag price of 20 000 Russian rubles or about $650 per bottle. 

One source of commercial inspiration cited is ByKilian, as a name associated with the Hennessy family more than for their focus on wine-inspired perfumes which is only incidental. One could also mention Frapin who have successfully implanted themselves as authors of interesting niche perfumes deriving from Cognac and wine bouquets, or the slightly lesser known Ginestet

It is early news as the brand acknowledge that there has only been a verbal agreement with a Belgian perfumer who was sent bottles of wine for inspiration. A tentative name for a fragrance has been put forth as "Abrau", a brand consolidation strategy as the label very much discloses that this operation is meant to attract more customers to their brand. Home fragrances are planned as well.

While the Tsarist brand-name has been rekindled, their production continued during the Communist era being extremely well-known during the Soviet period, in particular thanks to what was called then "Soviet Champagne" or Sovietskoje Shampanskoje, a sparkling, sweet wine which was closer to a mousseux actually than a real Frenh Champagne. We would know, we tasted it frequently enough.

Via Izvestja & Vedomosti

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