Sécrétions Magnifiques Gets a Thorough Smell-Over {Fragrant Reading}


Vice published a rather hilarious article on reactions to the infamous perfume by Etat Libre d'Orange called Sécrétions Magnifiques (Magnificent Secretions) in reference to our canonical bodily fluids. Over a period of 5 days, author Allie Conti tested the monster and it all ended in a pool of tears, a very consistent ending for wearing a perfume about whatever may come out of your body that is not polite to refer to,

"I don’t care if I’m remembered as the small woman who inexplicably always reeks of cum, so long as people don’t forget me when I die"...

 The provocative power as well as the attraction coefficient of the perfume are hard-tested,

"An hour into the show, a 35-year-old Canadian approaches my friend and tells her she “smells really, really good.” He doesn’t stop grinding on her the whole time we’re there, even when she tells him about the perfume. “I’ll lick the blood and cum off your neck” are his exact words. Romance, right before my eyes! I go back with them to my friend’s apartment and sit in the living room while they have sex. About five seconds after the guy comes, he confesses that he’s married and that he’s made a huge mistake. Minutes later, I’m hugging my naked, crying friend who’s covered in both synthetic and actual semen as well as tears. Neither of us care how we smelled."

More at This is What Happens When you Wear Semen-Scented Perfume

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