Hairdresser David Mallett Creates Scented Candle After Trip to Caucasus: Le Salon en Hiver {Home Fragrance}


Last year, Paris-based Australian hairdresser David Mallett launched a scented candle entitled Le Salon en Hiver (The hair salon in winter). Like its name implies, he uses it to give an olfactory identity to his Parisian hair salon quirkily established in a bourgeois-arty apartement rather than a store onlooking a busy street through glass windows. A stuffed ostrich framed by a black metallic archway makes sure there is a surrealistic touch to the abode as well as a souvenir from the home country...

In another corner of the place, golden Japanese screens catch your eye. The decor visibly invites you to feel comfy, but also elsewhere, while having your hair expertly managed. 

Mallett says that while travelling to the Caucasus mountains, he encountered an epiphany and thus the bougie was born.

“The candle is inspired by a winter journey I took to the Caucasian mountains where I tasted the most beautiful natural honeycomb. The colour was pure deep gold, the honey smelt of amber and apricot trees, the taste was divinely smooth and velvety, complex and layered, but not complicated. We dissolved big blobs of the honey into smoked tea, and drank it in the garden of a Third century monastery. This monastery, far from Paris, reminded me of the mood I try to create with our work at the salon. The moment evoked a sense of calm optimism and reassurance. I begin to imagine how I might keep that moment forever. Every time I light the candle, it transports me back to that Winter afternoon.” 

The hair artist stresses that the candle was designed to smell best from early autumn to late spring. We think that the concept of smelling like the Caucasus, an ancient monastery and a Parisian hair salon all at once sounds pretty intriguing.  

Top notes of zesty bergamot, lemon, spicy cinnamon give spice, energy, and a sense of activity.

Middle notes of floral rose, Egyptian geranium create a nostalgic reminder of Summer.

Base notes of incense, woody vetiver, tobacco, fresh hay offer a sense of calm timelessness.

Available for 45€ at (40 hours)

14, rue Notre Dame des Victoires

75002 Paris

Tel: +33 1 40 20 00 23 

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