Sucrerie de la Montagne Attire-Moi (2013): The Scent of the Canadian Maple Forest {New Perfume}


A spontaneous partnership between Grasse perfumery La Source Parfumée de Galimard and a Quebec maple syrup producer, La Sucrerie de la Montagne has given birth to a new gourmand perfume paying homage to Quebec with its main idea of "capturing the scent of maple vapour". It is called Attire-Moi (Lure me in)... 

Owner Pierre Faucher, as a maple aficionado had wanted to bottle the scent of the organic substance for 35 years while Chantal Roux had wanted to go back to the sources of her childhood nostalgia for a more authentic life in Canada. In Rigaud, near Montreal "she happened upon Pierre Faucher, a passionate ambassador of Quebecois tradition  it was one of those rare yet serendipitous encounters of a lifetime. The exchange was energetic, filled with comforting signs edging them closer together."

Roux added that, "Pierre Faucher has a beautiful soul. He opened my eyes to the world we call the Quebecois people, a world which reminds me of real values, of soil where your feet stay firmly fastened, even when your mind drifts across the starlit sky."  

Top Note: green and soft sugar notes;

Middle Note: maple syrup, coffee, spices;

Back Note: balsamic, vanilla, crème brulée notes. 

Price : 79,99$ 

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