Shakira in Paris for Launch of S {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}


International pop star Shakira was in Paris today March 27th, 2013 to introduce the launch of her debut fragrance S to her French fans...

Behind her on the picture you can see the original Shakira S (2010) on your left and its flanker, Shakira S Eau Florale (2011) on your right. The event is part of a delayed international roll-out as S debuted in the United States three years ago.

The fact that the reason for this mega PR campaign is belated news if you consider your source to be the internet, did not prevent crowds from assembling on the Champs-Elysées to welcome the star as she stepped into the flagship Sephora store where the two scents are now exclusively available. 

In the United-States, her latest perfume is actually S by Shakira Aquamarine this year preceded last year by Elixir. 


And here is a picture the singer put up on her Twitter account today to show the first autograph she signed for a fan while at Sephora. 

You can read our review of S by Shakira, which we remember to be a wicked smart composition despite all the bon-ton dissing aimed at celebrity fragrances.

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