A Conservationist Effort at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul Brings Gardens Closer to their Ottoman Heritage {Fragrance News} {Scented Paths & Fragrant Addresses}


The fabled Topkapi sarayi of the Ottomans in Istanbul, Turkey, is seeing a revivalist effort at landscaping its gardens and reconnecting with scents of the past...

"Instead of bringing in roses from Europe, the gardens will boast roses from Anatolia, Dursun said, adding that the flowers would come from the southern province of Isparta. “We’ve planted 10,000 flowers from Isparta in Gülhane Park. The aim is to revive Gülhane, which was a very important park in terms of rose water production.”

Read more in Topkapi Gardens to again Carry Fragrance of Ottomans 

Picture via worldalldetails.com

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