A Video Interview with Dries Van Noten & Frédéric Malle about their Perfume Collaboration {Passion for Perfume - Portraits}

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An in-house interview with Dries Van Noten and Frédéric Malle offers insights into the creative process behind the birthing of the new Dries Van Noten eau de parfum. The video is right after the jump... 

Malle says that he imagines the perfume as being "a bowl of comfort", an interpretative take on the universe of the couturier as it is not, admittedly, the first idea that comes to mind when you look at the designer's fashion; but they have known each other for a long time.

Malle also explains that he wanted to bring someone "new to the party" of fragrance development at his own house. Paradoxically for a house which is known for having printed the name of the perfumer on their labels bringing out industry noses' authorship to the fore, the third man in the creative process, perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, is not present. Malle seemingly remains instinctively attached to the main structure of the tête-à-tête in his creative process.The video lasts more than 16 minutes,


You can also read our interview with Frédéric Malle in the original French and in English.

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