Bien-Être Cologne de l'Herboriste (2013): Chic, de la Figue! {New Perfume}


French brand of eaux de cologne, Bien-Être have launched a new perfume called Cologne de l'Herboriste: Eau de Cologne aux Bourgeons de Figuier des coteaux du Roussillon. It is inspired by the atmosphere of "a sunny and fresh fragrance that would unfold in the shade of the fig trees". The gourmand, floral and hesperidic composition is co-signed by perfumers Michel Almairac and Sidonie Lancesseur of Robertet...

Bien-Être have been diversifying their household-name and family-oriented colognes lately with new offerings around rose, lavender, orange blossom and even a cologne designed for the whole family, L'Eau Parfumée des Familles.

With the Cologne de l'Herboriste, they are taking a further step by emphasizing the use of natural ingredients which are said to form 96% of the formula. 

The label also underline the fact that the cologne focuses on the scent of fig tree buds rather than on the fruit itself as is more usual, which are sourced from the Roussillon region in France thus appealing to the notion of "terroir" which is well-ingrained in the French's appreciation of all things sensual, food and wine in particular.

Going back explictiy to the wellness tradition of eaux de cologne, the essences are said to have been selected so as to have an appeasing effect on body and soul. 

Notes are essential oils of lemon and orange in the top followed by fig and fresh floral notes in the heart warming up in the base by fig milk, tonka bean, white musks, and cedar wood essential oil. 

Advice on use: splash onto skin; spill into bath water; sprinkle on your handkerchief; scent your clothes in your drawers; diffuse at home.

A 250 ml bottle is priced at 6,30€.

This spring of 2013, you can discover two other new fig perfumes in the cologne tradition, Roger et Gallet  Fleur de Figuier and Caudalie Figue de Vigne. It's a trend! 

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