Bond No.9 HTTP, A New Fragrance for Direct Marketing in the Digital Age (2013) {New Perfume}


Bond No. 9, who normally specialize in New-York-City themed perfumes, will release a new perfume from June 30, 2013 dedicated to the digital world and era as well as their own digital presence called HTTP://WWW.BONDNO9.COM.

As will be immediately apparent, this is a great marketing idea at least on paper and bottle, as the latter is turned into a veritable billboard for the house with its 3-D QR code in working condition, the very name of the fragrance of course, and lastly, potentially, its juice composed by renowned perfumer Michel Almairac... 

One hitch might be however its very rapid yet exclusive digital accessibility. The fragrance is not meant to be sold in stores but online only. This might pose two practical problems as far as we can surmise: 1) testing the perfume 2) delayed purchasing. If it's easy to put into a cart, you will still have to wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. Impulse buys won't be indulged in in stores provided the house leaves a tester in view in each of their boutiques. Brand founder Laurice Rahme said,

“What I love about the packaging is that for all of us in this industry talking about how difficult and expensive it is to train and retain sales people, to have a bottle that speaks to the consumer, directly, is the dream,” she said. “It’s not a department store [distribution]. It’s not Sephora. It’s beyond that. It’s the most direct way to buy that you could ever have.”

As for the perfume itself, it had to be an "universal" scent - which was reportedly a difficult task to accomplish - to correspond to the nature of the World Wide Web. Rahme sees potentially everyone included in this enterprise, except for your grand-mother, "It’s not for your grandmother, we know that. She would never get an app.” If any grand-mother disagrees with this view, please rise. 

The eau de parfum is said to be a fresh, fruity and woody scent. Notes include bergamot, pineapple and juniper berry, a heart of apple, blackcurrant and cedarwood and a base of patchouli, moss, musk and amber.

For perfumer Michel Almairac, who is known to love fruity notes, and who also composed the modern, neon chypre Gucci Rush, it's  “A fragrance which looks like [a] digital wave which [is] surfing on bright, contemporary and powerful notes.”

This is only the beginning as two new scents will be added each year. 

The perfume will be available for $250.


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