Osmia Organics Posso (2013): Yes, I Can {New Perfume} {Green Products}


Colorado-based natural beauty and perfume brand Osmia Organics founded by a former emergency physician Dr. Sarah Villafranco, MD, have introduced a new blend which aimed initially to offer aromatherapeutic benefits. It is called Posso. Its Italian name means "I can". The scent was "...initially developed the blend as an antidote to the feelings of insecurity that can plague us all occasionally."....

"Frankincense has been used for ages as a meditation aid, serving to deepen the breath and connect one with the deeper self. Violet leaf absolute is useful in overcoming fear and shyness, while Melissa can balance and uplift the spirit. Grounding Sandalwood essential oil is the other critical ingredient, calming the busy mind and paving the way for clarity and courage to take their places."

The perfume is said to be complex-smelling and not just medicinal-smelling although the harmonious result seems to have been secured as almost a by-product of the initial sought-out therapeutic effect. Posso has become popular with customers because it smells good and is now being offered as "a natural perfume". 

The scent is carried by steam-fractionated coconut oil and organic, golden jojoba oil in a rollerball purse bottle. The blend is left to mature for 3 weeks prior to being sold. 

 Price: $75 for 0.28 fl oz.

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