Vince Camuto Fiori (2013): Flowers are Back! {New Perfume}


Vince Camuto are adding a new fragrance to their collection with Fiori, their second women's scent after Vince Camuto EDP. And really just kidding, flowers never went out of fashion in perfumery - even soliflores i.e. perfumes devoted to the scent of a single flower have endured since the Victorian era. It is a rare opportunity to smell a perfume that takes pride in featuring zero flowers, like for instance Musc Ravageur by Frédéric Malle Editions de Parfums...

Footwear designer Vince Camuto has a lovely flower garden in Connecticut filled with Delphinums; he wanted to create a fragrance that would express his and his wife's affinities with landscape architecture. The perfume was originally inspired by the deep violet color of their flower of predilection. They also wanted the scent to be very light and feminine.

We love architecture and we love gardens and the gorgeous colors that bloom in June and July,” said Camuto. “We wanted a scent that was romantic and [reflective] of flowers.

Perfumer Laurent Le Guernec of IFF composed the jus featuring notes of pink grapefruit, white nectarine, iris, freesia, sandalwood and blonde cedarwood. 

Fiori is priced at $78.


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