Alyssa Ashley Ambre Gris (2013) {New Perfume}


American-born mass-market fragrance label Alyssa Ashley introduced a new perfume this year centering on the scent of a mythical animalic component of perfumery, ambergris, which is so rare and costly that you can only hope and pray to smell a good reconstitution of it, or alternatively, a creative take on it. The eau de parfum is called Ambre Gris, from the French meaning "gray amber"... 

"The legendary “Ambre Gris” produced by the whale, needs to be kissed by the sea and the sun for several years to mature and become the precious and rare Ingredient used in perfumery.

Its smell is dry, fresh, balsamic, animal. It has always been highly priced as an aphrodisiac, and Casanova use to grate it into is chocolate drink daily."
Top notes are hesperidic and tonic with lemon from Sicily, bergamot from Calabria and pink peppercorn. The heart is a classic floral pairing of Bulgarian rose and Indian jasmine. The base notes feature cedar wood from Virginia, labdanum absolute from Morocco, vanilla from Madagascar and an amber accord. 
The personality of the perfume is described as being assertive, sensual and determined. 
Best known for their Musk fragrance, the brand have a tradition of having developed animalic blends in the past, including a much coveted Civet Oil. This is a going-back to their 70s roots. Their first perfume, Musk Oil, was released in 1969 during the Flower Power era. 
Prices are 27€, 39€, 59€.

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