Fatima Lopes Be Mine (2013): The Fragrance of Irresistible Possessiveness {New Perfume}


Portuguese fashion designer Fatima Lopes will launch her debut feminine fragrance called Be Mine. While perfume ad copy is usually enthusiastic and even euphoric, this one herein is so filled with excess that it seems pointless to paraphrase it - the composition is signed by perfumer Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan.

"What you notice is her personality above anything else. She is afraid of nothing, life is her playing field, and the world is at her feet. She wears Be mine, the fragrance of irresistible possessiveness. We all definitely want it. Carnal and animal-like, it marks a paroxysmal femininity."... 

" It is a well-deconstructed construction, where classicism is forgotten in favour of more modern pulsations on a warm skin. The sound backbone of the fragrance is the dry power of Virginia cedar. Its muffled intensity gives the juice a strong personality. Around the cedar, you can smell the vibrant and radiant frangipani flower, both solar and sensitive. A crushed blackberry, without any sugary note left, only keeps a haunting sweetness, intriguing and dark. The voluptuous vanilla absolute unfolds its inimitable spicy and warm sensuality. The warm and amber-like accents of benzoin from Laos will seal your addiction.


Be mine is an intensely elegant, subversive and sensual perfume. A highly ambivalent fragrance, with contrasting areas of light and dark. An imperative and fantasised femininity, contrasted and paradoxical."

 The fragrance will launch in September 2013. Price is $85.  

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