Cate Blanchett to be the Face of New Armani Fragrance out this Summer of 2013 {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}




While back in 2009, Armani had let slip that Angelina Jolie would be their next fragrance spokesperson - a vision that never came to be - this year it seems pretty certain that actress Cate Blanchett will be the face of the new Armani perfume baptized Si...

The launch is practically imminent, slated to take place at the end of summer 2013 according to Women's Wear Daily

Page 6 of the New York Post had previously reported earlier this spring that a fragrance deal involving the desirable actress had closed at 10 million dollars, more than what actor Brad Pitt earned to look into the camera for Chanel No.5 as their first male spokesperson for their feminine bestseller. Blanchett and Armani both belong to the same mutual admiration society, with Armani emphasizing that the Australian thespian is iconic of the kind of woman he designs for. Blanchett in her turn has worn his clothes numerous times at public events. 

Apart from the positive-sounding name of the perfume, Si, no further details have been revealed about the olfactory personality of the fragrance. 

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