Brad Pitt to be the First Man to Incarnate Legendary Chanel No.5 {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}

moneyball_brad_pitt.jpgActor Brad Pitt will be the first masculine face of Chanel No.5 since 1921 when the perfume was first launched starting its illustrious career as an international bestseller. The house has been particularly well attuned to the virtue of hiring celebrities from the world of the 7th art to enhance the image of their iconic scent, with actresses such as Catherine Deneuve and Nicole Kidman, within a conceptual framework developed by the late Jacques Helleu. The arrival of Brad Pitt is unexpected and a great coup showing that Chanel is always a step ahead of their perceived image.

Pitt recently gave an extraordinary performance in Moneyball, going well beyond his pretty-boy image - if that needed to be said - exploiting all his physical flaws and vulnerabilties, what he once described as having one's face "gone" once you enter middle age. We insist on "face" here because this is what an actor who fronts a fragrance is called...

He is bound to be to No.5 what Charlize Theron - a genius actresss too - is to J'Adore by Dior.

Perfume advertizers are fully aware of what actors bring to their ads, adding a depth and a layer of meaning through their still and movie acting (commercials) which simply cannot be duplicated by the much more reduced repertoire of fashion models.

If they had chosen French actor Jean Dujardin - nominated like Pitt for a Best Actor Oscar, and its winner - it would have been more like a continuation of the last Chanel No.5 campaign led by French actress Audrey Tautou.

Good call, Chanel.

The shooting for the new Chanel No.5 commercial is said to start this week in London where the Pitt-Jolie tribe have reportedly moved into new purchased quarters.

The ad campaign is scheduled to go public towards the end of 2012.

The actor is said to earn a 7-figure sum for the publicity Blitzkrieg.

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