Perfume Ad with Nicole Kidman for Chanel Eau Premiere {Perfume Images & Adverts - New}

Chanel has started publicizing a sumptuous ad campaign for their latest Eau Première with, surprise, actress Nicole Kidman as its face. The publicity I saw (and which I did not see in their earlier press documentation) is a luxurious four-page spread that looks as if the support were photography-paper quality with a peel-off perfume sample tucked in a glossy enveloppe.

We are showing you the first two pages today as they appeared in Elle Magazine this week...


While Chanel has recently shown interest for the younger generation with actresses Keira Knightly and Audrey Tautou, asking them to front their publicity campaigns for Coco Mademoiselle and Chanel No. 5 respectively, Kidman who was their spokesperson immediately before that was thought to be concentrating on motherhood.

Eau Première was expected to launch last year but due to a technical defect in the packaging its introduction was canceled only to be postponed. The new Eau Première advert is probably still part of the previous Nicole Kidman ad campaign.

Page 3 has a luminous picture of Eau Première and page 4, another one of Chanel No. 5, its direct-line ancestor.

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  1. I find it interesting that they didn't use Audrey Tatou for this ad-campaign considering they signed her on for Chanel 5.

    • Yes, me too. I was a bit surprised to see Nicole Kidman reappear all of a sudden, especially since it might have made logical sense to feature a younger model (Kidman is beautiful though) for the younger Eau Première concept. On the other hand Kidman's blondness accentuates the sparkling, more ethereal feel of Eau Premiere.

      I think that there were a few setbacks for this scent and so they might have had to improvise a bit.

      Audrey Tautou is supposed to make her big entrance later on.

      Chant Wagner

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