Joy, Parfum Naturel: Relaunch of Classics of the House of Patou {Fragrance News}



Jean Patou have relaunched a trio of perfumes this spring of 2013 which have made the historical reputation of their house in the world of fragrances: Joy (1930), 1000 (1972) and Sublime (1992). The news come after a new in-house perfumer Thomas Fontaine was appointed in the fall of 2011 to oversee the rebirth of their Classic and Heritage portfolios...

Joy created by perfumer Henri Alméras and originally launched in the midst of the Great Depression as an "antiphrase" of sorts was advertized then as "The costliest perfume in the world" coming back today as "Joy, parfum naturel" a slogan putting the accent on the quality and richness of the naturals selected to create the beauty of this fragrance; rose and jasmine from Grasse are its key ingredients. The change in the updated message sent by the perfume is in tune with a new era where natural perfumery is becoming buoyant again, in search of creative sustainable sources and a vector for new perfumery developments in the future. As an aside note, the new Sahara Noir by Tom Ford seems to make a similar point albeit in subtle olfactory form rather than through its advertizing copy. 

1000 takes its name from the number of attempts it took perfumer Jean Kerléo to nail down the formula. Its notes of Chinese osmanthus and iris create a particularly delicate and elegant perfume.

Sublime, also by Jean Kerléo, is somewhat of a boudoir composition with a powdery texture which will be voguing on the wave of face-powder inspired perfumes that have become popular again.

All three perfumes have been rebottled in eau de toilette concentration in the Art-Deco flacon originally designed for Joy by architect Louis Süe, a friend of founder Jean Patou; it is not unlike a more angular interpretation of the 1908 Guerlain flacon for Jicky

Prices: 85€ for 50 ml for Joy and 1000; 55€ for 50 ml for Sublime.  

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