Katy Perry Unveils Third Perfume Called Killer Queen, as well as Killer Mani {Fragrance News} {Celebrity Perfume}


Singer Katy Perry unveiled the design of her new perfume called Killer Queen to her fans yesterday on her Twitter account requesting their opinions. The picture shows a scepter-like flacon fashioned after a royal theme where gold, precious rubies and diamonds as well as symbols of might are visually impactful. The concept, as a bottle, is intriguing because it is not easy to see where the bottle ends...


Added: actually, if you look past the visual and at the bottle itself at the fragrance launch, you realize the flacon is meant to look like the upper, removable part of a scepter. Image via atrl.net forum where you can see the official advert in the background better.

The name of the fragrance would be inspired by the Queen band's song "Killer Queen"; Freddie Mercury is reported to be a role model to Perry according to ABC News.  

She twitted that "OK! I have been working on my 3rd fragrance for over a year & want to unveil the look NOW! What do u think?!" She also added that "Just had an elegant unveiling of my new fragrance 🌹KILLER QUEEN🌹 at the Duke! Can't wait to share the royal juice!


No more details were given out about how the perfume will smell. On the other hand, fans were treated to an elaborate mani illustration of the jus.

Royal also is the blue color the singer displays on her Twitter account

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