Strange Invisible Perfumes The Rose with the Broken Neck (2013) {New Perfume} {Rose Notebook}


Californian niche perfume brand Strange Invisible Perfumes are co-branding their indie feel with indie song The Rose with the Broken Neck by Jack WhiteDanger Mouse and Daniele Luppi which has given birth to a perfume of the same name by perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis... 

 We haven't smelled the perfume yet, which awaits in a corner of the desk, but the spacey and quite desperate-sounding accords of the song are making us imagine a rose ready to give up on life -- what does that smell like? There is something disquieting about the repetitive lyrics and the wallow-in-self-pity aspect of the song which is less than pleasant.

Perfumery usually thrives on positive emotions rather than difficult ones and prefer to be a beacon of hope in a cruel world rather than push your head under the water...we'll see, we'll see.

This is a limited edition. The eau de parfum has notes of rose, Tahitian vanilla, nutmeg, palo santo, vetiver and white cognac. 

It sounds like you definitely need that cognac, broken rose - just don't drink alone:

The perfume is very pricey at $350 for 1.5 fl oz. which is in principle justified by the fact that the brand uses hydro-distilled naturals only. 

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