Dior Unveil Robert Pattinson in Advertising for Homme by Dior {Fragrance News} {Perfume Images & Ads}


Dior have decided it was time to unveil the new print advert for the upcoming Dior Homme fragrance campaign which will be in full swing from September 2013, as reported earlier on. That's what they set out to do at least, but given the tremors that the news of the arrival of Pattinson in the celebs stable of Dior have sent to the crust of the earth, they thought the world was ready to swoon sooner than that (this based on initial, very warm reactions to the news, as we were surprised to discover)...

Rob Pattinson appears to be a myth in the making. The ad campaign harnesses his natural charisma but also reveals the full extent of it as people seem literally overjoyed at the thought of seeing him in this new aspirational role.

In the photography signed by Nan Goldin, the brand have made the choice of offering a contrasted black and white picture styled rather starkly. Everything is simple, understated, clean but not prim. Pattinson looks virile yet natural.

This is the image of a pretty authentic guy, one who is not a seducer. It will impact the image of the perfume as the smell of a natural man rather than the perfume of a suave gentleman. 

Source: Dior Twitter

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