Eau Jeune Lady Candy Sensual Vanille & Lady Candy Lovely Fruits Rouges (2013) {New Fragrances}


French mass-market brand Eau Jeune have launched a new duo of women's fragrances called Lady Candy Sensual Vanille and Lady Candy Lovely Fruits Rouges. Founded in 1977, the label which seems to target the youth market in priority actually claims to wish to be an affordable brand for all women...

We haven't been able to smell the red fruits version of the duo, but the Sensual Vanille despite its imagery can fit the definition of a sensual, dark vanilla perfume for anyone. 

No fragrance notes are publicized except for the ones found in the names of the scents.

The brand underline the fact that their marketing briefs are usually interpreted by the greatest names of perfumery; l'Echappée Belle for instance was promoted with the name of perfumer Dominique Ropion attached to it.

Currently, a Facebook campaign can be seen which operates on a different level altogether. Borrowing the language of "midinettes" or patented, stereotypical French air-heads, it aims to make its universe chime in with the kind of audience it seems that are serious spectators of reality TV shows, or in fact might even be participants in some of the trashiest ones.

Fortunately, and judging by Sensual Vanille, the scents themselves are far from being as jarring and are in fact worth checking out. They obviously embrace the gourmand master-trend and sound like more popular versions of the concept illustrated by Candy by Prada. We'd file it under the category of French Drugstore & Pharmacy Finds for international shoppers. 

Price is around 11€

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