Thierry Mugler Angel Aqua Chic & Alien Aqua Chic Get Infused with Traditional Floral Waters (2013) {New Fragrances}


Thierry Mugler have launched two new iterations of their pillar fragrances Angel and Alien. Continuing to explore the olfactory and textural limits of their reference perfumes, this time they have come up with the refreshing and relatively novel idea of infusing Angel and Alien with rose water and orange blossom water respectively in Angel Aqua Chic and Alien Aqua Chic... 

Right off the bat, we think they should have picked better names to illustrate the concept as a cursory look will only convey the impression that we are faced with banal aquatic siblings to the original perfumes; "Angel Eau Florale" for instance would have been clearer as "eau de rose" carries a negative connotation in French designating maudlin literature and sentiments. Brand consistency however apparently dictates the reprisal of the same names for different juices.

"Master of innovation, Thierry Mugler, surprises us once again with a new interpretation of Aqua Chic. Both offering a new juice and beautiful new bottle design, ANGEL Aqua Chic and ALIEN Aqua Chic present a revelation in freshness." 

Angel Aqua Chic is said to be made using 30% of rose water in its formula, a technique which was used by perfumer Michel Almairac for l'Eau de Chloé. It's described as a fresh Oriental fragrance featuring a "delicate and acidulated rose water" further perfumed with a fruity and juicy raspberry blossom and a green apple granité accord. 


Alien Aqua Chic plays up its orange blossom note in new ways with the inclusion of 30% of "soft, solar" orange blossom water within the fragrance formula. Other two key notes are lemon blossom and a pink grapefruit accord. 

Both are 2013 limited-editions. Prices are $85/65€ for 60 ml of Eau de Toilette. 

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