E.L. James Now Imagines the Scents of 50 Shades of Grey {Fragrance News}


On the chapter of pop culture and good business sense, author of 50 Shades of Grey E.L. James has announced that she's been working on a perfume blend that would best reflect the goings between Christian and Ana. Main expressive notes have been found to be bergamot, sandalwood and musk... 

Sandalwood and musk are indeed considered to be traditional aphrodisiac smells. Bergamot might be there for the reference to "Earl Grey" tea - does Christian Grey drink Earl Grey or is it a branding twist? Or is it a reference to Shalimar by Guerlain, an erotic love pean inspired by the love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal, which famously opens on bergamot?

You might be able to better tell if you've read the books as I stopped after the online preview when I sensed that Ana was going to earnestly fall into the trap laid out for her by Christian; also because - pardon my French - the book reads as "culcul" rather than "cul" as the French would put it.

We learn that E. L. James was thinking of oils and aromas when she wrote the books,

 ‘The aim is to distil the extraordinary sexual chemistry enjoyed by Christian and Ana and capture it in a bottle. We have worked very closely with E L James to perfectly blend the oils and aromas she had in mind when she created Ana and Christian.’ 

Via Metro UK. Picture is actually sold on Etsy

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