Floris Patchouli (2013): Would you Enjoy a Helping of Coconut Patchouli Custard? {New Fragrance}


Floris have introduced a new fragrance in their Private Collection which is dedicated to one of the most beguiling ingredients of perfumery, Pogostemon cablin also known as "patchai" in the original Tamul, also known as - famously or infamously for some who find its scent too heavy for comfort - the more liquid-sounding Patchouli....

Floris present it as a revivalist 1960s fragrance when the scent of patchouli was popular due to a general attraction for the spiritualities of the East and the smoking of cannabis, as it was used to cover the strong scent of the latter. 

"The mellow early hours of a Chelsea studio in London, circa 1967, a time of burgeoning creative energy. Patchouli draws out the raw sensuality laying it sedately against a darkly elegant backdrop."

This dark, throwback Beatnik patchouli composition offers some new gourmand accents to make it mesh with the current era of big gourmands. 

"The soft, creamy, coconut milk top note accord is set to contrast with the dark and mysterious character of the patchouli. Touches of iris, rose and ylang ylang lift the heart whilst cedarwood emboldens the woody theme. Amber, vanilla and resins continue the dark theme through to the base."

Top notes: coconut milk, violet leaf

Heart notes: cedarwood, iris, patchouli, rose, ylang ylang

Base notes: amber, frankincense, labdanum, myrrh, vanilla

Price: £99 for 100 ml.

It sounds like Floris have made the cannabis brownie idea evolve into a coconut patchouli custard one, with floral accents. 

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