Mango Rebel Hero (2013) {New Fragrance} {Men's Cologne}


Fashion label Mango are releasing their first masculine fragrance called Rebel Hero, the men's counterpart to Lady Rebel who will finally be able to meet her match...

The advertising campaign is fronted by model Andres Veloncoso, a more mature version of the feminine rebel who is also the new spokesperson for Mango clothing as of 2013. Veloncoso has posed for fragrance already, in particular for Chanel Homme Sport, but also for his girlfriend's perfume Kylie Minogue Inverse.

The perfume itself is inspired by two drinks all poured into one bottle shaped like a flask, Mojito and Gin-tonic with notes of lime and grapefruit. Spices and aromatic nuances are found in the heart and there is a woody base of sandalwood.

Guerlain Homme, we can recall, intoduced a Mojito accord in 2008 with quite a bit of fanfare at the time.

Price: 28,50€ 


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