Maison Fabre are Launching Scented Gloves & Candles {Fragrance News}


French glovemaker Maison Fabre est.1924 are introducing a novel range of fragranced items this summer. Known for having created the iconic gloves worn by the Beast in La belle et la bête by Jean Cocteau or the ones worn by Nicole Kidman in her biopic on Grace de Monaco, July will see a scented candle, Gants du Palais. A limited edition of "Médicis" scented leather gloves have been perfumed by nose Domitille Bertier of IFF...

The launch fêtes the opening of a space in La Cour des Senteurs in Versailles where they now have a store next to Guerlain, Diptyque and Lenôtre.


"Gants longs parfumés "Médicis" en agneau velours beige et agneau plongé noir doublé de soie naturelle" Source: Maison Fabre

The fragrance for both the gloves and candle is said to blend notes of velvety suede, leathery jatamansi, amber, woody musk, patchouli and cedar wood in order to replicate the scent found at the workshops located in Millau. Le Monde mention a system of scented capsules while Vogue mention perfumed talc to refresh the fragrance of the gloves. 

Gloves start at 190€. The candle is priced at 45€.

For another fragrant homage paid to the glovemakers of Millau, see Maître Gantier et Parfumeur Cuir Fétiche

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  1. The scented gloves are just too incredible! I have always been intrigued by the mention of scented gloves in Victorian writing. Apparently, they were commonly scented with civet! Can you imagine? I would love to get my hands on these beauties...

    Tara Aveilhe
    • Yes, there has been a little revivalist movement for scented gloves. Several brands have been proposing these including l'Artisan Parfumeur.

      I find the scent of civet very alluring so I have personally no trouble understanding this predilection! In the Victorian context it can be felt to be a bit surprising since it seems some of the potential olfactory excesses were kept in check, at least from what I remember of some advice manuals of the period.

      Chant Wagner
  2. How wonderful! The scent sounds very complex. I would love to have the candle and the gloves.


    • I noticed they included a note of jatamansi or spikenard, which is not often used in perfumery. It's a calming scent and like other Valerian plants, attract cats. So, could be particularly appropriate for a cat lover's home unless the kittie gets too close :)

      Chant Wagner

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