Issey Miyaké Pleats Please Eau de Parfum Adds Note & Color of Violet (2013) {New Perfume}


The upcoming new Issey Miyaké perfume is inspired by the color and taste of a macaron flavored with violet. Fashion designer Issey Miyaké will launch a new version of Pleats Please introduced last year as an eau de toilette...

In a novel twist, the new flanker Pleats Please EDP to debut in August 5, 2013 will not just be a higher concentration of the same or nearly same, but an eau de parfum with a new personality thanks to the inclusion of a note of violet, while the glass bottle becomes tinted purple, a symbol of harmony according to the brand.

Perfumer Aurélien Guichard of Givaudan said that he was inspired by the simple pleasure of biting into a violet-flavored macaron. 

For the brand, the new fragrance adds a gustatory dimension on top of the cheerful universe the scent illustrates. Full of optimism, movement and color are some of the key notions that define the perfume. 

Prices: 98€ for 100 ml, 70€ for 50 ml, and 48€ for 30 ml. 

Via press release

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