M. Micallef Art Collection Edition 2013 Rouge No.1 & Rouge No.2 are Inspired by the Color Red (2013) {New Perfumes}


Niche perfume house M. Micallef, which hail from the south of France, the center for lush perfumery materials, have launched two limited edition perfumes for women called Rouge No. 1 and Rouge No. 2 which are inspired both by the color red and the Art Deco period as far as their stylings go...

The scents are said to be gourmand and sensual, consciously so in keeping with the Zeitgeist. 

Rouge No.1 has top notes of peach and mandarin leading to a heart of  ylang- ylang, rose and jasmine resting on a base of white musk, amber and benzoin.

The fruity floral reportedly mixes delicious yellow fruits with a generous bouquet of flowers.


Rouge No.2 has top notes of citruses, cassis, nutmeg followed by a heart of jasmine, violet, orchid enriched by base notes of amber, vanilla, labdanum and castoreum.

The floriental is said to blend the delicacy of a bouquet of jasmins, violets and orchids to the Oriental scents of amber, vanilla and animalic notes. 

The fragrances are signed by nose Geoffrey Nejman and art-directed by Martine Micallef, a husband-wife duo, according to the brand. 

We are seeing two current trends reflected in these two new perfumes: the opulent white floral bouquet and the animalic revival. The gourmand trend is like a master-trend, an all-encompassing one. Think of it as the moon and the sun of perfumery these days. 

Founder Martine Micallef is known for her love of perfume-bottle adornment, and these flacons are no exceptions. 

Fragrances launch this month of June 2013. Price is 185€ for a 100 ml spray bottle of eau de parfum.

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