Lolita Lempicka Elle L'Aime (2013) {New Perfume}


Perfume house Lolita Lempicka will launch a new women's perfume from September 16, 2013 called Elle L'Aime (She Loves Him/Her/It). The composition is said to be about a woman in full command of her destiny which she sees fulfilled through love. To symbolize her engagement, the bottle of perfume is shaped like a golden totem and can be used as a talisman...

The floral oriental composition features main expressive notes of coconut blossom, green lime, jasmine blossom and resinous and precious myrrh. 

Eau de parfum opens on top notes of bergamot, neroli and green lime leading to a heart of coconut flower, jasmine and ylang-ylang before settling into a base of vanilla, sandalwood and myrrh. 

The inside of the white packaging is red so as to symbolize the passion of the heart. 

The perfume will be available in 30 ml and 80 ml flacons.


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