Further Update: Chanel Announce Arrival of Perfumer Olivier Polge at Laboratoires Parfums Chanel - Father Jacques Polge to Stay On {Fragrance News}


After communicating directly with the French Chanel press office, we've learned that there is actually no plan for retirement for in-house perfumer Jacques Polge who's been at the helm of Chanel since 1978. The news is about the arrival of son perfumer Olivier Polge, slated to arrive at Laboratoires Parfums Chanel from September 2013 to start what the house interestingly describes as a "...complete program of integration in the House and its culture,"...


Perfumer Olivier Polge

At one point in time, Olivier Polge will take over the reins of Parfums Chanel from his father, but not in the immediate future. Chanel want to take it slowly and surely. It is essential for them to anticipate what the future of Chanel perfumes will be. A few months transition does not even make sense to them. It's a much longer process they have in mind.


Perfumer Jacques Polge

When asked if Jacques Polge might retire by the end of 2013 or in 2014, they denied the possibilty reiterating that Jacques Polge is meant to stay on and has no plan to retire himself. 


Perfumer Christopher Sheldrake

What we can retain is that Parfums Chanel will be now co-helmed by three renowned perfumers: Father Jacques Polge, Christopher Sheldrake - the current Director of Creation - and son Olivier Polge. Think dream team rather than succession, although a concerted grooming process for Olivier Polge will start from September 2013. 

For Chanel, it's important both for their image and institutional coherence to underline the fact that Jacques Polge is not stepping down. Given the high profile of son Olivier Polge, the advance news of his arrival is a further boost to their image as a leading perfume house. 

Please read previous announcement for more details about the news of the arrival of Olivier Polge at Chanel

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