M.A.C Turquatic Revamped & Bigger (2013) {Fragrance News} {New Bottle}


MAC Cosmetics have launched a new, graphically decorated flacon for Turquatic (2005), which they like to call their "classic". The sea-inspired beach perfume is now available in 50 ml and in a newly decorated bottle. The brand explain that "Our NEW 50 ml option [is] for everyone who has become addicted to Turquatic!"...

The composition features notes of Anemone, Lotus, Orris, & Corsican Blue Cedar. A visual accompanies the relaunch suggesting underwater dreamworld with a feminine silhouette evolving in a blue sea filled with caressing algae. 

The original bottle was plainer, coming in a simple turquoise block color contrasted with black.

Available in 50 ml and 30 ml spray bottles and a 6 ml rollerball for $49, $30 and $20 respectively. 

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