Perfumer Sandrine Videault Passed Away Yesterday {Fragrance News}



New-Caledonia-based, young French perfumer Sandrine Videault, the perfumer of Manoumalia by Les Nez (UK Fifi Awards Finalist 2010) but also of home fragrances such as Ambre Indien by Esteban or Violeta by Les Néréides, known in particular for her many olfactory art installations, passed away yesterday on July 3rd, 2013 after a long illness. She is survived by her husband and 6-year old daughter...

Sandrine Videault was a student of celebrated master perfumer Edmond Roudnitska from 1992 to 1996, a man who's influenced and continue to influence many vocations in the perfume world. Like Michel Roudnitska, the son of Edmond Roudnitska, she was very much interested in the happening side of the fragrance experience with the devising for instance of perfumed bubbles to pop out at a FIAC event to have the scent playfully released by bystanders. 

She was living in Noumea, New-Caledonia since 2005 having made the unconventional choice of creating and living on a French territory abroad rather than in France. 

According to René Schifferlé founder of Les Nez, a book to be published by the Société Française des Parfumeurs at the end of 2013 will include one of her last interviews, done together with him and perfumer Isabelle Doyen. 

Her last perfume to be released post-mortem will be Magnolia Grandiflora by Australian niche label Grandifolia Fragrances, in August 2013.

A list of her ephemeral olfactory installations includes:

- Collaboration with the Science of the Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France and L’Oréal to the Reconstruction of the Egyptian Perfume «the Kyphi» exhibited at the Cairo Museum
- Olfactory Exhibition «The Song of Senses». An Olfactory theatre with holograms. A perfumed Fountain. Scratch and sniff columns perfumed in a “Tree of Life”. Diffusion of the “Love Kiss”. The Arthus Bertrand Unusual Prize
- Collaboration to the FIAC evening. Olfactory Happening with releases of «Metallic Bubbles» to explose oneself in. Fondation Ricard et Beaux Arts Magazine
- Collaboration with Fabrice Hybert. Olfactory Installation «The daily Beauty in ancient Egypt». Interpretation of Egyptian Cones and Reconstruction of the Metopion. SEPHORA–LVMH 
- Collaboration with Sylvie Avril. Olfactory fashion show directed by Philippe Guillotel. Petal shaped fabrics and soap bubbles thrown to the public perfumed in “The Little Flowers Merchant”. E.N.S.A.D
- Collaboration with Patricia Bourgeois et Pascal Jayet. Multisensorial installation at the Hagen Castle “Marriage”. Art & Nature Exhibition, Noumea
- Collaboration to the International Flower Show, Kunming, China. Olfactory Decoration of the French Pavillon into a «Flowery Path» 
- Olfactory Decoration of the New-Caledonian stand into an «Original Land» with endemic fragrances, Deauville
- Collaboration with Julie Dupuy & Mylène Benoït. Olfactory Illustrations of «L’Ecume des Sens». Cité de la Villette
- Collaboration with Mylène Benoït. Olfactory Illustrations of Hervé Di Rosa Sculptures. Musée en Herbe
- Collaboration with Véronique Menet & Delphine Ollier. Olfactory Illustrations of «Wolf are you there ?» with “The Little Red Hood”. Centre d’Art, Noumea.
We express our heartfelt condolences to her family.

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