Philosophy The Tea Party Collection (2013) {New Perfumes}


American beauty and fragrance brand Philosophy have launched a new trio of QVC-exclusive fragrances called The Tea Party collection, which encourages the practice of layering your perfumes -and also of replacing repeated consumption of calories with their fragrance counterparts. They're like diet perfumes. Fragrances are Fresh Cream, Tea Leaf and Pure Honey...

Jo Malone were the ones formerly to introduce a Tea Collection in 2011 followed by a Sugar and Spice one in 2013. 

Philosophy are likewise mixing beverage- and food-like notes in their tea scents described as being "delightful" and "delicate", i.e., not too heavily gourmand. 

"philosophy cordially invites you to the tea party. Leave it to them to delight your senses with fragrance and make you feel like the guest of honor any day of the week. The let's have a tea party box set consists of three unique fragrances in tea leaf, pure honey, and fresh cream scents. Each distinctive fragrance was designed to complement one another, so they can be beautifully layered together to create a custom scent or worn alone. Mix and match these fragrances to your heart's content. You'll love the way you smell!"

Price: $44 for 3 X 1 fl. oz.

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