Cinematic & Olfactive End of the World for Etat Libre d'Orange {Fragrance News}


Etat Libre d'Orange have been in the business of making money out of tongue-in-cheek erotica perfumery. They are feeling they need to renew their inspiration. After Eros, you get the companion thrill-seeker,Thanatos. Death is sort of a bit flat, so how about the end of the world?...

The Paris perfume house never ceases to try to amaze us with more shock power. Since they obviously just want to be entertaining, they are turning to an the end of the world made in Hollywood. The upcoming opus will smell "like popcorn", which could be metaphor, or a flavor. The jus is already oozing with cinematic references. The new frontier of cinema, as you know, is smell,

"And you’ve actually seen it!  Yes, we’ve all witnessed the end of the world, in one or more of its possible manifestations.   Maybe you remember the look of horror on the face of Charlton Heston, when he realizes that this savage planet dominated by apes was actually good ol’ Earth.  You might have seen Slim Pickens as aircraft commander Major T.J. ‘King’ Kong, who straddles the bomb like a cowboy and rides it to the ground, thereby setting off the Doomsday Machine.  Or Will Smith, running from the virus-mutants, the only survivors of a plague.  You gaped at the two sisters and a child, huddled together in a teepee as the blue planet Melancholia hurtles toward earth, and you watched how a variety of Candians observe the last night on earth – praying, partying, finally achieving an orgasm.  And maybe you screamed when that giant hand came crashing up through the cabin in the woods as the ancient gods reclaimed earth."

Mimicking both ad campaign deadlines and a pre-scheduled Armageddon, the brand have set up a count-down digital clock on a dedicated web page: "La fin du monde". The tag line is "There will be survivors".

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