Happy Halloween 2013!



Happy Halloween to all! We have a triple-threat rose reviews article coming up. Meanwhile here is some eye candy as you know we love to associate visual sensations with fragrant ones here at The Scented Salamander. First, a Halloween picture dedicated to perfume lovers (above) - because it's a plant - and next, one dedicated to beauty lovers as we focus on those two topics and can't resist good pictures...

The first art piece is called Halloween Color by Philippe Sainte-Laudy. The color is so energizing.


For beauty lovers, we found this lovely picture featuring Veronica Lake striking A Publicity pose for I Married a Witch, 1942. It's classic, timeless and mischievous all at the same time. I think I would hang it in a kitchen because cooking is like alchemy and it reminds you also that you don't need to look frumpy to bake.

If you need some inspiration for perfume-wearing today, why not go with an immortelle/Everlasting fragrance with its honeyed, tobacco, tea and caramel accents? We feel it's very complementary to the atmosphere both of spook - thanks to its depth and darkness - and merriment - thanks to its candied, gourmand and sweet tones. Plus, do you see the after-life theme implicit in the name "Everlasting"?

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