Indult Fragrances Are Back {Perfume News}

indult_Fragrances_2013.jpgIndult, a French niche brand founded in 2007 had gone on a hiatus a couple of years ago but are now back in business. Noted originally for the satisfying quality of their compositions signed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, and also for their very selective mode of distribution based on the idea of a club membership, Manakara, Isvaraya, Tihota and Rêve de Cuir had come and gone...

They have been brought back to market to smell like their original selves, which would have to take into account new legislation, but other than that, they would have been faithfully recomposed.  The marketing dimension has been revamped as the membership card is not needed anymore and the packaging has been simplified to omit the wooden outer packaging. The flacons' shape is different too. 

"I am very happy to see this fragrance collection under new ownership, permitting these perfumes presented under their original formulations to delight its owners” 

– Francis Kurkdjian"

Indult ca. 2007 was a valiant attempt to promote an idea of high-luxury. The distribution and sale concepts were perhaps a bit too constraining. Some of the last Indults we saw at Sephora, which seemed to make it easier to buy an Indult but also clashed a bit with the clubby concept.

You can read reviews of the first three launches  Manakara, Isvaraya, Tihota

Price: $200 for 50 ml eau de parfum.

Available at

Image courtesy of Luckyscent

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  1. Reve in cuir is back!!!!! I received an email from lucky scent that Indult was back, I always regretted not getting a bottle of Reve , and presently having a Cuir fetish, Russie, 28, and Patchouli 24. Good timing, the price point seems better too.

    JC Parodi
    • Glad you seem overjoyed! Yes, it's back and I was told that Francis Kurkdjian accepted to help revive the brand but only if the new owner would offer the original formulations.

      Chant Wagner

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