New Fragrance: Reiss Grey Flower (2013) {Perfume Images & Ads}

Reiss_Grey_Flower.jpgBritish clothing retailer Reiss whose fashion motto is "directionality" have launched a debut feminine fragrance called Grey Flower inspired by the subtle shade of grey one can discern on the petals of Hydrangeas amidst all the rest of the more vivid colors...

Fragrance art director Azzi Glasser was asked to create a surprising, bold and even shocking jus which led her to step away from the obvious floral motif.

"Grey Flower gets its name from hydrangeas which have a beautiful greyness to them if you look closely. The idea was to go deep into the heart of the scents. But not towards florals, we wanted something richer, sexier". [Quote]

The eau de parfum opens on top notes of armoise and pimento berry followed by a heart of sequoia wood, a jasmine noir accord and cocoa leaf. The base features an addictive blend of skin musks together with notes of olibanum, amber crystals, patchouli and baies.

You can watch a video featuring Azzi Glasser explaining the creative process behind Grey Flower but also Black Oudh, the masculine counterpart in this new duo by Reiss. For home decoration fiends, please note how she seems to dwell in an "inspiration room" where all sorts of small objects are visual and affective aids to creativity.


Reiss Fragrance - Interview with Azzi Glasser from J&J London on Vimeo.

Price: £49 for 100 ml.

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