Bath & Body Works Forever Midnight (2013) {New Perfume}


Bath & Body Works have launched a new women's perfume which they describe as their "most luxurious scent yet". It's called Forever Midnight...

 "Feel the moment of intense connection. At the iconic midnight hour, the air is full of electric energy and sexy possibility. He spots you from across the room. Your eyes lock. Chemistry ignites. This is the moment you wish could last forever—the essence of the all new Forever Midnight, the sensual new fragrance from Bath & Body Works."

The composition boasts top-notch ingredients and the involvement of the world's best perfumers, the latter which is true although no names are named not to depart from the brand's habit of preferring to remain vague. 


The eau de parfums features "luscious Plum Nectar and exotic, Velvety Florals to create tempting allure. Sophisticated Jasmine joins seductive Vanilla Orchid for the perfect layer of femininity. Then a final touch of rich, warm Caramel Liqueur transports you to that magical Midnight moment where anything is possible." There is also a spicy facet to the scent. 

Price point is higher than usual at $45 for 2.5 fl oz.

Via press release

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