Bourjois Ramage aka Endearing Available Once More (1950/2013) {New Perfume} {Fragrance News}


As habitués of the Vermont Country Store know, the place is a treasure trove of oldies, and comeback perfumes. The team there have brought back a new, vintage fragrance by Bourjois from the 1950s called Ramage in French and marketed under the name Endearing to Anglophones...


Advert for Endearing by Bourjois from 1950

Created by renowned perfumer Henri Robert in 1950, you are looking at a perfume by the author of Chanel No.19, Cristalle eau de toilette and Pour Monsieur. Best of all, it is a leather chypre, a category which you cannot call crowded nowadays. 

"Originally promoted as the Eau de Cologne that “Makes You Want To Fall In Love,” Endearing, with its wistful romantic scent underscored by notes of leather, is sure to capture your heart once again."

Notes include aldehydes, jasmine, tree moss (Evernia Furfuracea), vetiver. The composition was discontinued in 1990. 

This is the eau de cologne version released in 1951, in the original bottle shape. 

Price: $29

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  1. Mom's favorite perfume , I've been trying to find it everywhere, even at the Vermont Country Store. Item is not available.

    I got a bottle in a airport in Brazil few years ago, but now nowhere to be found.
    Can you help to find another store? I don't like to buy stuff on eBay, you never know what you getting.

    Thanks and happy new year!

  2. we woud like to manufacture Ramage& Soir de Paris under lisence in Sudan so please reply to me

    salaa sabri

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