Jo Malone Rain Collection Captures London in 4 Moods (2014) {New Fragrances}


Jo Malone will launch a new limited-edition library of four perfumes from March 2014 inspired by the famous changing weather in London with the London Rain Collection. The range includes Rain and Angelica, Wisteria and Violet, White Jasmine and Mint, and finally Black Cedarwood and Juniper...

The fragrances are signed by perfumer Christine Nagel of Mane

Angelica and Rain is about "glassy beads of dew awakening a London park." It is revitalizing, aqueous and clear. Notes include a rain accord, angelica, juicy lime, vetiver.  

Wisteria and Violet recreates the sensation of "a soft morning shower, soaking the purple wisteria cascading over London stone walls." It is also rainwashed and intoxicating per the press materials. Notes are water lily, wisteria, violets, patchouli. 

White Jasmine and Mint smells like "an afternoon cloudburst drenching gardens exhuberant with jasmine, lily, orange flower and rose. Notes are fresh mint leaf, heirloom jasmine, maté leaf. 

Black Cedarwood and Juniper is a composition about rain at midnight. It is modern and urban, seductive, dark, and enigmatic. Notes features cumin,chilli leaves, juniper, black cedarwood. 

The brand wanted to capture the duality of an edgy urban lifestyle coupled with the power of nature which renews it. 

Via press release

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