Fred Segal The Blend Kit No.1 For You DIY People Out There {New Fragrances in 2013}


Santa-Monica-originating retailer Fred Segal have launched The Blend, a coffret of 10 perfume oils to be mixed and matched at leisure. 

"THE BLEND is a one-of-a-kind line of pure perfume oils founded at Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Based on an exotic palette created more than 30 years ago, these oils can be worn alone or blended together for an infinite number of unique fragrances."... 

No. 01 / Floral; No. 02 / Green; No. 03 / Epicure;

No. 04 / Spice; No. 05 / Floral; No. 06 / Musk; No. 07 / Spice; 

No. 08 / Floral; No. 09 / Ocean; No. 10 / Citrus

The coffret comes with recipes which you can read about here on their dedicated blog, but inspiration is free.

The scents can also be individually purchased. 

No. 01 / Floral is "A watery floral bouquet with an explosive radiance presents itself in an arrangement of subtle exotic blossoms."

No. 02 / Green is described as "A wisp of fresh bergamot gives way to a distillation of dry woods and harvested elements in this light, clean and crisp modern classic."

No. 03 / Epicure - expect to smell "An understated barely-sweet sheer vanilla scent gently magnified by the rich aroma of amber honey captures an air of playfulness."

No. 04 / Spice holds a surprising twist considering its name: "Penetrating and dense herbal leaves linger in an addictive fusion of deep, dark and earthy elements reminiscent of a night of hard rainfall."

White tropical floral lovers can check out No.5 Floral "The intensely beautiful and seductive display of tropical white flowers creates a modern and elegant accord that’s divine and simply intoxicating."

No.06 / Musk is about white musk, "A soft veil of white musk mingles with a contrasting mix of clean, soapy and slightly powdery notes to create a composition that is fresh and alluring."

No. 07 / Spice "This rare essence of sheer and delicate white tea is a refreshing study in sophisticated restraint."

No.08 / Floral "Mysterious Turkish rose petals evoke a fresh, softly sweet quality with subtle green and spicy undertones."

No.9 / Ocean "A mild, oceanic scent conjures gentle seaside breezes under clear blue skies, warm sand, ocean waves and the scent of sun-kissed skin."

No.10 / Citrus reportedly goes beyond your middle-of-the-road citrus "Mandarin extracts vividly entwine with zesty and tart red grapefruit in an exhilarating fresh-squeezed nectar that reinvents the standard citrus note."

The Blend Kit is priced at $150.

Each individual rollerball is priced at $38 for 0.17 fl oz. of "pure perfume oil", a phrase which is vague as to what it means exactly. 

Via Stylus & Fred Segal

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