(Malin + Goetz) Dark Rum Eau de Toilette (2013) {New Perfume}



Modern apothecary brand Malin + Goetz have released a new unisex fragrance called Dark Rum, a transposition of their eponymous scented candle into fine perfume category. They say that it's "new" and "back in stock" and also "repackaged in a larger, more luxurious 4oz bottle", so it looks like the scent fell a glad victim to its success and is already an improved version of its original "new" self...  

The New York label like to offer "a modern interpretation of traditional apothecary tonics blended for their holistic properties to promote general well-being."

"Our rum tonic is synthesized for its natural, warm notes and general well being.  Modern and dynamic, this formidable and long-lasting fragrance performs on its own or paired with the subtle freshness of our Synthesized Lotus Root, creating a unique sensory balance tailored to an individual or couple."

The eau de toilette opens on top notes of bergamot and plum following up with middle notes of rum and leather and dries down with amber, patchouli and milk.

Price: $150 for 100 ml.

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