New Perfume: Momiji Eau de Toilette is for Cute Fashion Victims (2013)


The Momiji dolls have expanded their label with a fragrance called Momiji Eau de Toilette, which pretends at nothing more than looking as cute as can be. The scent is unsurprisingly, not a leather, but a fruity-floral in keeping with the tone of the brand...

"Momiji is inspired by friendship, adventure and little kindnesses. Spread the love. Playful fruity floral scent. This product contains a secret message waiting to be found."

The character on the flacon and box is called Bibi Button

Marks & Spencer carry it. Like for the eponymous "message dolls", a rolled piece of paper with some meaningful words is hidden in the packaging. 

Beauty products are also part of the launch. 

Price: £8,50.

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