Mugler Follies and a Dash of Liqueur for Angel (2013) {New Perfume} {Fashion Notes}


French fashion designer Thierry Mugler is doing something blue and old this fall as well as reinventing himself as a showbiz maverick... 

Angel Liqueur de Parfum is being reedited this holiday season. Initially released in 2009 as an experiment in borrowing from cognac-making techniques and applying them to perfumery-making, it was the well-aged version of Angel.

The formula remains unchanged. The technique involves imparting natural woodsy nuances from the cherry-wood casks in which the perfume is left to mature. Additonally, smoky, candied-fruit and honeyed nuances develop. 

This is a limited edition priced at 72,50€ for 35 ml. 


Photo©The Scented Salamander

More unexpected and coming out of the blue is the news that Thierry Mugler under the name of his alter ego Manfred T. Mugler is exporting his aesthetics to the world of cabaret. Known for his over-the-top lines and ideas, Mugler Follies, which opens on December 10, 2013 at Comedia in Paris will see the designer turn into a chorus art director.


The initial promise is to offer a dazzling show and a "muglerized" universe in which chorus girls look like human bees bound in latex while haute couture codes cross with burlesque ones. We already smell a hint of the myth of Gay Paris. 

mugler_follies_croquis.jpgSketches by Thierry Mugler

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