Olivier Durbano Lapis Philosophorum (2013) {New Fragrance}


Olivier Durbano has launched a new fragrance called Lapis Philosophorum, the most esoteric version of a mineral perfume yet in his series of Bijoux et Parfums de Pierres Poèmes {check Interview} compositions dedicated to a different semi-precious stone each time imbued with special properties recognized by aficions of lithotherapy...

The mystical Philosopher's Stone in scented form takes inspiration from the Sufi tradition of spirituality, (cf. also Like This by Tilda Swinton + Etat Libre d'Orange). 

Durbano invokes a quote from Jafar Sadiq from his Introduction to Perception,

"Man is the microcosm, creation, the macrocosm - unity. Everything comes from One. With the help of the power of contemplation, everything is within reach. One must first dissociate this essence from the body, then combine it with the body. Such is the Work. Speak about yourself - end up with everything. Before man, beyond man the transformation. "

The jewelry designer furthermore underlines the reigious connotation in Arabic of the word "stone" which alludes to a hidden dimension. 

In this olfactory quest for the Philosopher's Stone, the composition which illustrates the search is woody, balsamic and sulfurous. The eau de parfum opens on head notes of calamus, juniper, rum, white truffle, grapefruit, and dregs of wine. The heart features Omani oliban, mesquite, amber gris, menthol. Base notes are opoponax, myrrh, musk and oakmoss. 

The least you can say is that the assemblage of notes is unusual. The second comment you could make is that spirituality does not necessarily equate fasting for Durbano.

Price: 150€ for 100 ml. 

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